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With today's skyrocketing gas prices and high insurance rates, more and more people are discovering just how fast, reliable, and above all affordable Asheville's public transit system is. With 24 bus routes all over the city, there's always a stop nearby. Why bother searching for parking ever again? For qualifying handicapped individuals, the city of Asheville also provides Para-transit transportation throughout the city. Looking to share your morning commute but not ready to sell the car just yet? You’re in luck- North Carolina is home to a great ride share program that’s steadily gaining participants. Quick and economic, Asheville’s public transit and ride share services get you where you want to go, when you want to go, without putting the pinch on you wallet.


Asheville's Transit Authority

Asheville’s Transit Authority provides buses that run all over Asheville as well as many other local areas. There are 21 routes that run from 6 am-to-11:30 pm, Monday through Saturday.

360 West Haywood Street Asheville, NC 28801 (828) 253-5691 View A Map
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Car Share:

Share the ride nc

Share the Ride NC is a carpool service that operates throughout North Carolina. Their website features an online ride share matching service that lets you quickly and easily find the carpool, vanpool, park & ride lot, bike route and bikepool solutions to meet your commuting needs safely and affordably.

(828) 232-4564

Taxis and Shuttles

In Asheville, multiple fleets of taxis stand ready to whisk you away to any destination you heart desires. There's more than a dozen companies that provide taxi and shuttle service to get you where you want, whenever you want. Click here to go to our taxi and Shuttles listings.