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Mountain Land around Asheville
In many parts of the country, while land is still a precious resource and commodity, in Asheville, especially within the city limits, land comes at a premium. There are many factors influencing the price and availability of acreage in Western North Carolina. Among them are the size, intent to develop, location, government ownership, and safety.

Finding Land in Asheville

Many people that come to Asheville, North Carolina on vacation or to visit fall in love with the area. The pristine forest acreage, national park land, multitude of outdoor activity and quality of life make the city incredibly desirable for those in love with the outdoors. However, a large majority of private land within the city limits has already been developed; leading to zoning restrictions, ordinances, and rising prices for undeveloped real estate.

Affordable land is still being found in the areas around Asheville, however, land in the downtown area comes at a premium. Although there isn't a large differentiation in the definition between a lot, or land parcel, and tracts of land acres and larger, most real estate agents prefer to specialize in selling homes and lots rather than large areas of land. There are land specialists in the Asheville area, and still land to be had. Remember, exclusive land in the Western North Carolina mountains can be difficult to find by just searching online. Many times, expensive and sought-after land can only be found through exclusive agents rather than the MLS. To locate your next piece of property, find an agent that specializes in the sale of land in the Asheville real estate directory section.

Land Development & Communities

Much controversy has arisen lately over the drive to develop the once-pristine mountain slopes in and just around the city. There are many points to be discussed, however, the fact remains that land development is on the rise in Asheville. There is no shortage of gated communities, golf resorts, planned communities, and private estate developments in the WNC mountains. For many families, these types of communities are a way of life; on the other hand, for many long-time citizens, developed communities are a point of contention among residents.

Since every person and family is different, many private developments can help to shape a way of life. For example, retirement communities in and around Asheville have helped many retirees find a serene place where they can enjoy some of the greatest years ahead of them. For others, seasonal homes are a wonderful way to spread out the time spent around the country (or world) and developments / communities are a perfect fit for these lifestyles. What better way to spend a favorite season during any given year than relaxing in Asheville? Finally, many communities offer an affordable alternative to individual plots of land as well as a comfortable place for families to raise children. For a listing of area communities, see the directory for planned communities in Asheville and conservation communities in Asheville.

Reserved Land: Government Property, National Forests & Native Land

An incredibly large portion of the land around Asheville, NC has been devoted in one way or another to the United States National Park Service. Among the many parks in the Western North Carolina area, a few bear mention (some of the largest): The Great Smoky Mountains National Park, the Pisgah National Forest, and the Nantahala National Forest. Running through most of the national park land in Western NC is the Blue Ridge Parkway, a scenic mountain highway maintained by the U.S. Department of Interior, running from North Carolina to Virginia.

Of course, before the "discovery" of the Americas, all of the land in North Carolina and the rest of the United States held no ownership. The land, prior to being claimed, was inhabited by Native Americans; in the region of Western North Carolina the prevalent tribe was the Eastern Cherokee Indians - a brave and courageous tribe forced to march from their homeland on The Trail of Tears. A rich culture still can be seen by visiting the lands in Cherokee, NC.