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Asheville Travel
Asheville travel has long been a top desire for travelers the world over. Asheville NC has gentle weather and elegant vistas which have made travel in Asheville for those in search of relaxation and adventure a must since the town’s inception. To compensate for the world’s overwhelming interest in its beauty, Asheville maintains a broad variety of travel accommodations to meet the diverse needs of its visitors. Travel in Asheville NC is easy because Asheville has its own regional Airport, two nearby international airports, hotels to meet every budget, and an impressive number of taxis and shuttles that will happily take you from your flight to your lodgings to one of Asheville’s many attractions and back again, all in the style and comfort travelers have come to expect from this incredible mountain town. If you travel to Asheville you are sure to find that it is like no other place in the world.

Asheville NC Facts & Statistics
With an appealing median yearly temperature and a life expectancy well above national norms, Asheville North Carolina looks almost as good on paper as it does in real life, but don’t take our word for it. Find out more about Asheville's crime statistics, climate information, State and Local Representatives, demographic information and more on our Facts and Statistics page.

Asheville Real-estate
Historic Victorian cottages on scenic hillsides, hip downtown lofts surrounded by bustling culture, stoic cabins in the heart of the Blue Ridge Mountains - these are just some of the incredible housing opportunities to be found in this diverse and fun-loving town of Asheville NC. Let us help you find the perfect apartment, condominium, home, or real-estate agent as you start down the road to a new life in this exciting mountain metropolis in the NC mountains.

Asheville School Information
Asheville NC takes great pride in its schools and it shows in the variety and quality of educational choices. With an award winning public school system, highly ranked private colleges, and the UNC system’s only Liberal Arts College, Asheville NC has learning opportunities for everyone. Click here for our online guide to Asheville schools including: Preschool, K-12, and Higher Education in Asheville.

Public Libraries in Asheville North Carolina
Asheville has an incredible resource in its public library system. Its thirteen branches loan out books, videos, CDs, and more as well as offering reference services. For kids, the Asheville public libraries offer all kinds of excitement with extensive children's sections, story times for toddlers through 7 year olds, and a summer reading program. Find out more about Asheville Public Library system.

Asheville NC Emergency Services
Although Asheville is a very safe city, emergencies are a fact of life. The dedicated men and women of Asheville's Emergency Services, Police Department, and Fire Department stand ready to respond with the kind of fast, professional service that has earned Asheville its reputation for safety. If you’re experiencing an emergency now call 911 immediately.

Asheville NC Weather
Because of its relatively low latitude and high altitude, Asheville has a uniquely mild climate, which allows for the mild winters of the South Eastern U.S. without the searing summer heat. Although the city only sees snowfall a few days of the year, some of the higher mountains in the region receive enough to make for excellent skiing conditions. Perfect for sightseeing, fishing, and hiking all year round, it’s no wonder millions of adventurers flock here every year. Click here to view Asheville’s current weather conditions.

Asheville Businesses
Asheville NC offers every type of business or service you may need. It’s just as easy to find a fine restaurant, playhouse, or dance club for your romantic night on the town, as it is to find a dentist, grocery store, florist or carpet cleaner for your more pragmatic Asheville days. Click here to browse our business listings.

Public Transportation in Asheville NC
With today’s skyrocketing gas prices and high insurance rates, More and more people are discovering just how fast, reliable, and above all affordable public transit and ride share programs can be. Public Transit offers 24 bus routes throughout Asheville while Share The Ride NC helps you connect with other gas-conscious commuters. Why bother searching for parking ever again? For handicapped individuals, the city of Asheville also provides Para-transit transportation throughout the city. Quick and economic, Asheville’s public transit and ride share services get you where you want to go, when you want to go, without putting the pinch on your wallet. Click here to find out more about Asheville Public Transportation.

Asheville Recycling
Surrounded on all sides by nature's beauty, the people of Asheville NC have an enduring respect for the environment and have gone to lengths to make their city greener through recycling. To this end, there are numerous recycling drop-off locations throughout Asheville where you can help ensure that your cans, catalogs, cardboard and dozens of other recyclables don't end up in a landfill. Click here for more information on recycling in Asheville.

Post and Mailing in Asheville
Asheville NC has an abundance of options for quickly getting your mail & packages to and from anywhere in the world. Where is the nearest Fed-ex drop box, what time does the neighborhood Post Office close, which stores process UPS shipments? Get the answers to all your questions about the USPS, FedEx, UPS, and more mailing and courier services in our Post & Mailing Section.

Asheville NC Utilities
When you’re in the middle of a move to Asheville NC, the last thing you want to worry about is tracking down all the local utility companies. Not to worry, we’ve got all the information you’ll need to set up electricity, water, recycling, internet, phone, natural gas, and refuse removal services for your new home or apartment, all on one page. Find out more on the Asheville Utilities page.

Moving Companies and Storage Units in Asheville NC
Whether moving to Asheville North Carlina for the first time or simply switching neighborhoods, finding the professional help you need to better facilitate the move couldn't be easier. Asheville has a wide array of moving companies, moving truck rental companies, and storage units available. Click here for more information.