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Asheville Preschools

Asheville Preschools

For many families, preschool plays an essential part in introducing their kids to the expanded social networks and exciting new cognitive experiences of schooling. Choosing just the right one for you and your child is an important process. Asheville has a wide variety of options to choose from.

Faith-Based Asheville Preschools

Home to many faith-centered preschool facilities representing a variety of religions, Asheville makes it easy to find a facility that can prepare your child for kindergarten while imparting an understanding of the core values and morals central to a particular faith.

Head Start

Since 1965, Head Start Programs have been helping the children of low-income families to receive the care and education they need to succeed when entering school. Head Start is comprehensive in nature, focusing on education, nutrition and health, as well as working with parents to ensure a productive learning environment at home. Asheville is fortunate to have Head Start programs convenient to all parts of town.

Montessori, Waldorf and Alternative Method Preschools

Asheville has several of these popular alternative learning centers that utilize children's innate capacity for imagination, creating a fun and exciting learning environment. Developed as early as the nineteenth century, these revolutionary approaches to early childhood education have their basis in the belief that a child's faculty for learning is fundamentally different from an adult's. Teaching methods are adjusted to the natural developmental stages of children in order to introduce problem solving, social, and time management skills at a pace uniquely catered to their needs.
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K-12 Education in Asheville

Asheville takes great pride in its teachers, and for good reason. Due to their reputation for academic excellence, it's not uncommon for Asheville teachers to be called upon to share their expertise with the world. Just this June, Asheville's own Joanne Robert was given the honor of participating in the Japan Fulbright Memorial Fund Teacher Program. Indeed, it's often that the winner of the Western Region Teacher of the Year award goes to someone in Asheville's ranks. See also the Asheville Schools section.

Public Schools

Long recognized for its achievements in education, the Asheville City School District has learned to work in unison with Asheville's families and greater community to engender a learning environment that is both engaging and respectful. In their mission to impart a growing knowledge of the arts, sciences, and life skills to Asheville area students, the teachers and administrators have built an academic institution that serves as a model for school districts in North Carolina and beyond. The academic rankings say it all -- Asheville City Schools is currently ranked 8th in the State of North Carolina in the number of National Board Certified teachers, 2nd in the state in SAT scores with an average score of 1124 in math and reading, as well as 2nd in the State among 115 districts for the number of No Child Left Behind AYP goals met. The district's awards include the EETT IMPACTing School Leadership Prize, the Western Region 2006 Principal of the Year award, and many others.

Private Schools

Whether you're looking for a school of faith, excellence outside of the public schooling system, or a boarding school staffed by some of the most talented educators in the region, Asheville has an impressive array of private schooling options to meet your needs. Schools like the prestigious Asheville School go to every length to maintain low teacher / student ratios, faculties with advanced degrees, and personalized college counseling programs. Their efforts are consistently rewarded with well above average SAT/ACT scores, acceptance and success in the best 4-year colleges, and ultimately alumni with the skills and confidence necessary to lead in today's competitive world.
Science at UNCA

Higher Education in Asheville

Public Colleges & Universities

Rife with opportunities for higher learning, this scenic mountain town boasts 4 publicly-funded schools. With the North Carolina University System's only Liberal Arts College and two first-class community colleges, Asheville's public institutions have affordable programs that provide easy access to the skills and resources you need to become the pilot / lawyer/ electrician / acupuncturist / Rhodes scholar / Writer you've always dreamed of becoming. Asheville's two largest public institutions, UNC Asheville and A-B Tech Community College, are largely responsible for one of many of Asheville's reputations as being a college town.


The University of North Carolina Asheville is the North Carolina University System's only Liberal Arts College. Well-known for its beautiful 265 acre campus, award winning curriculum, and progressive affordability, UNC Asheville has developed a successful policy of maintaining a low student / faculty ratio while emphasizing both academics and meaningful relationships with the greater Asheville community. Under the leadership of Chancellor Anne Ponder, UNCA has been hailed as the fourth best public liberal arts college by U.S. News and World Report, as a "superior college experience" by the popular Fiske Guide to Colleges, and is listed as a "great choice" in the Princeton Review's list of the best 311 colleges.

A-B Tech

Since 1959, Asheville-Buncombe Technical Community College has been committed to providing students with the high-quality skills and education they need to succeed in today's competitive job market. A vital resource of Western North Carolina, this two-year public college has a staggeringly comprehensive curriculum. Striving for excellence in everything from the culinary and pasty arts to biotechnology and beyond, A-B Tech's 50+ programs offer over 100 degrees, ensuring that you'll get the excellent training you need to succeed in the field of your choice.
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Private Colleges

It comes as no surprise that Asheville is home to a variety of prestigious private colleges. With both secular and Christian schools to choose from, Asheville's private institutions are often hailed for their excellence in academics, progressive administrative policies, and historical importance. Spiritually rooted schools like Montreat College offer a comprehensive, modern curriculum while presenting students with opportunities to explore and strengthen their faith. Warren Wilson College, perhaps the most prestigious of Asheville's private colleges, serves as a testament not only to academic excellence, but to progressive environmental custodianship that reflects the kind of responsibility that all great institutions hope to instill in their students. Indeed, Warren Wilson has been recognized numerous times for these qualities, having been profiled by The New York Times, USA Today, The Boston Globe and Southern Living as well as receiving the 2006 Campus Sustainability Achievement Award. Other private colleges in Asheville include South College, Shaw University, and Mars Hills College. Together, these schools represent an epicenter of private education that continues to help students attain their dreams.
A-B Tech's hands-on culinary education

Culinary Schools

Asheville is fortunate enough to have one of the country's best culinary programs -- in the form of the Culinary Technology Department of Asheville-Buncombe Technical Community College. In just one example of the department's success, the A-B Tech culinary team was declared the 2007 National Champion in the American Culinary Federation's Student Team competition. Their success is the direct result of practical, hands-on education delivered by leading culinary professionals. With a rigorous culinary school as successful as this, it's no wonder that Asheville is home to some of the finest cuisine in the region.
Alternative Healing in Asheville

Asheville Natural and Spiritual Education

Natural Schools

Whether you're hoping to specialize in bodywork therapies, explore the rich history of Chinese medicine, or train as an accredited yoga instructor, Asheville is the place to be. Since its beginnings as a resort and spa destination town, alternative and natural therapies have flourished in Asheville, growing more popular as the years go by. Today, Asheville has established itself as an ideal locale to both learn and practice these skills.

Spiritual Schools

Western North Carolina is well-known as a potent locus for many faiths, one that has an accordingly large variety of schools that promise to refine the acolyte's knowledge while strengthening their belief. From some of the State's best Bible schools to tranquil Buddhist retreats to centers for esoteric study, Asheville is home to a number of institutions that will help students to discover a more meaningful understanding of the spiritual world, as well as the means to bring their understanding to others.