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Food Lion Skate Park map: Map of Food Lion Skate Park
Asheville North Carolina offers some of the most exciting skateboarding action in the Southeast. Although the sport has long enjoyed popularity among the hundreds of skaters in this adventurous mountain town, the advent of the custom designed, state-of-the-art Food Lion Skate Park brought with it renewed enthusiasm for skateboarding while providing a safe, off street environment for beginners and pros alike. With the help of the generous folks at Food Lion, Asheville Skaters have forged a strong community that has organized national and regional skateboarding competitions and instructional camps and clinics while fostering an environment of cooperation and trust with the Asheville community. Of course this incredible scene didn't just appear over night.

Like so many cities, Asheville was once host to a great conflict between those intrepid skaters that would hone their gravity defying talents anywhere there was concrete and the pedestrians and motorists that were so often in their way. Inevitably an ordinance was passed banning skateboards from use in downtown, thus creating a dilemma for the budding sport. To the relief of all, this dilemma was the focus of a public meeting in 1997 which brought together community members, parents, merchants, law enforcement and over 150 skaters. The meeting was responsible for the formation of Skateboard Task Force that set out to find a safe haven for skateboarding in Asheville. In the end, Food Lion graciously offered to sponsor what would become one of the Southeast's most impressive skate parks.
skateboarder catching air

The Park itself is a skater's dream come true. Custom Designed by Team Pain (a Tim Payne Corporation), the 17,000 square foot park features escalating degrees of difficulty ranging from beginner to advanced. For those new to the world of skateboarding there's a 4-ft bowl with a rolling lip and a series of hips. Intermediate skaters will find a range of challenges in the parks largest section which consists of several quarterpipes and launch boxes, a pyramid, a handrail, ledges and more. The truly daring may venture into the Advanced bowl- a 7-10 ft bowl with a hip, full metal coping, and plenty of room for death-defying excitement.
young intrepid skateboarders  
A skate park of this caliber does not go unnoticed by the professional skating circuit; accordingly the park plays host to pro-competitions throughout the year. Even Asheville's Mountain Sports Festival took notice and decided to include professional boarding in its thrilling lineup. Other competitions include the Independence Day Contest, Bele Chere Contest, Labor Day Contest, and the prestigious Grand Prix Championship.

Whether you're an old pro looking for a beautiful locale in which to perfect a frontside board slide or a beginner trying to pull off your first ollie, Asheville is the perfect destination. There's no time like the present, sign up now for some skateboard clinics, drop by Asheville's own Flipside Skateboards, and get ready for the unforgettable thrill of catching air at the Food Lion Skate Park.