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Asheville Recycling’s New Curbside Contest

Asheville recycling

Curbside Management and Asheville’s sanitation department are holding the new Feed the Bin and Win competition. Starting the week of February 4th, they will be giving away $100 a week for 16 weeks. Those people living in the cities that participate in Asheville’s Curbside Recycling Program can enter the contest by sending in an enrollment card. The cards and a flyer will be brought to each residence when the 2008 recycling and brush collection calendar are delivered.

Every week for 16 weeks, a card will be randomly drawn and if the selected house puts out its recyclable items and all meet the city recycling guidelines; then the household will win $100. If the household does not meet the requirements, the prize money rolls over to the following week. Each week that the conditions are not met, it gives the winner of the next week’s drawing a chance to win $200.

The card and guidelines are available below, and can be turned in via e-mail to [email protected].

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