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New Hotels On the Way for Downtown Asheville?

Despite the recent downturn in the economy (or recession, depending on who you ask), real estate and hotel developers are turning a keen eye to downtown Asheville and are very eager to start putting up new hotels.

A plan was presented to City Council at the end of March that proposed the building of a luxury hotel with approximately 140 different rooms along with a parking garage. The plan also called for substantial space for offices and retail stores. If approved, the building would be constructed across from the Asheville Civic Center, on land owned by the city.

At last count, there were a total of five plans submitted to city council in the past several years. Other developers have submitted plans to renovate additional existing hotels.

With the recent uproar about downtown condos, these newly proposed hotels will surely meet with staunch opposition. One thing is certainly working on the side of the developers; even though Asheville is becoming evermore popular with tourists, the amount of available rooms in downtown hotels has been stagnant for the past two decades.

Local leaders will review the plans for the hotel across from the Civic Center this coming Spring.

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