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Asheville to see more air quality warnings this summer

Tuesday, April 29th, 2008

Asheville may have more days this summer of poor air quality. Changes to the official national air quality standard have lowered the amount of ozone in the air to constitute air quality warnings.

The EPA adopted the new standard to update measurements with new research on air quality and public health. It is expected that Asheville will see a substantial increase in "orange days." Forecasts started on April 15th and will end on September 1st. For updated daily forecasts, visit ncair.org.

On code orange days, children, the elderly and anyone with heart or respiratory disease such as asthma should limit their physical activity.

Scooter Sales in Asheville on the Rise

Friday, April 25th, 2008

The average price of gas in Asheville rose to a record $3.54 a gallon this week. This is driving many car owners to purchase scooters. The most popular models don’t even require a driver’s license to operate. Prices for new scooters are between $1,200 to $1,700.

Scooter sales in the area have increased 46% since our gas woes began, and it doesn’t look like the craze will end anytime soon. With gas prices predicted to climb further this summer (some analysts predicting $5 a gallon) these vehicles are a definite option for everyone. There is no shifting involved and if you can ride a bike, then you can learn to ride a scooter in mere minutes.

In order for one of these bikes to be classified as a non-license requiring vehicle, the bike must have a motor smaller than 55 CCs and cannot exceed 30 miles per hour. It is also illegal to ride one on interstates or highways. If a scooter does not meet these requirements, then it is classified as a motorcycle. The law also requires helmets.

Clinton Stumps in Asheville

Wednesday, April 23rd, 2008

Former "First Lady" Hillary Clinton will be trying to cut Senator Barack Obama’s lead in North Carolina on Thursday by staging a speech at the Asheville Civic Center. On-stage with Hillary will be retired general Henry Shelton.

Doors will open for the speech at 6pm on April 24, 2008. She is trying to find some North Carolina support before the May 6th primary as Obama still has the lead in delegates, states won and popular vote. Obama also leads in North Carolina by more than 15 points.

Asheville is Number 2 Arts Destination in America

Friday, April 11th, 2008

American Style magazine has named Asheville the “Number 2 Small City Arts Destination” behind Santa Fe, New Mexico. And though any resident who has been to Santa Fe might argue rightly for number one, it is still quite an honor for our town to be recognized— as well as a great leap from our number five ranking last year.

The award was based on the magazine’s Annual Poll of 100,000 American Style subscribers. The June issue of the magazine will be on newsstands in May and will profile top art destinations in three categories, small cities, mid-sized cities and large cities.

Asheville Tourists’ Regular Season Starts

Friday, April 4th, 2008

Asheville’s minor league baseball team, the Asheville Tourists, have begun their regular season. There’s plenty of time for people to grab a hot dog and join in the fun.

This year, roaming vendors will be selling food and beverages to folks in the stands. New box seats have been built right under the press box and two Sunday night games will have fireworks displays.

McCormick field hasn’t changed much since it was built in 1924, but most people in Asheville see that as a good thing.