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Netriplex at Biltmore Park: Uber Bandwidth Achieves Connectivity Milestone

ASHEVILLE, NC – Uber Bandwidth (www.UberBandwidth.com), a leading provider of high-performance, high-value bandwidth to the data center co-location community, announced today that it has surpassed its first connectivity milestone of offering over a dozen Tier 1 connections to its customers. Utilizing their 1-Terabit-capable network, Uber Bandwidth has achieved this goal while remaining the value leader in the industry at $3.99/mbps.

"Thirteen and growing monthly," counts Jonathan Hoppe, Uber Bandwidth’s Chief Technology Officer. "That’s how many Tier-1 Internet providers our co-location customers can now access at the Uber Center in Asheville, North Carolina. You can watch the number of Tier-1 providers increase and see who they are right on our website. We have open negotiations with a dozen other providers, and once we reach acceptable agreements we’ll be adding them in to the mix as well. Our plans for the future are big. We’re running diverse path fiber to other carrier hotels around the United States, and by the end of 2009 we hope to directly peer with over 100 networks. We are well on our way to creating the most extreme network of multiple 10-gigabit connections to every major network in the U.S., Canada and Europe."

To accentuate their new connectivity milestone, Uber Bandwidth’s website got a facelift too. Chief Operating Officer, John Thompson, comments: "Prospective clients have given rave reviews to the website’s new user-friendly features. It adds online pricing not only for bandwidth but also for the Uber Center colocation space and power, from 1 rack unit up to a full cabinet and more. And to evaluate the robustness of our network, there’s now a third-party speed test to use by just clicking a button on our website. Perhaps most mentioned, however, is the new blog that posts timely information about such topics as: ‘Who is your current list of Tier-1 providers? How can you offer premium bandwidth at $3.99/mbps when everyone else is way higher? And why is your flagship data center not in a major city?’ Many more topics will be addressed on the Uber Bandwidth blog in the weeks ahead."

Uber Bandwidth and the Uber Center is a division of Netriplex data centers. Through 24/7/365 support and remote-hands-and-eyes services, businesses anywhere in the world can colocate servers in the Uber Center. As demand for the Uber Bandwidth network grows, Netriplex will deploy it at its six other datacenters across the U.S. and London.

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