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North Carolina Arboretum Hosts Two-Day Floral Exhibit with Ikebana Club

ASHEVILLE, NC – The North Carolina Arboretum proudly hosts a special two-day floral exhibit by the Ikebana International Asheville Chapter, in celebration of a visit by internationally acclaimed Ikebana experts Akihiro and Naohiro Kasuya.

The Ikebana International Asheville Chapter will install a special Ikebana exhibit, transforming the lobby of the Arboretum’s Baker Exhibit Center. The exhibit is open to the public from April 18 through April 19 and is free for members or with the Arboretum’s parking fee – only $6 per personal vehicle.

The installation celebrates an exclusive visit by the Kasuyas and "will help create a stronger awareness of the connection between local ikebana artists and the Japanese leaders and trendsetters in the ever-changing practice of modern ikebana, which is grounded in traditional Japanese culture," said Terri Todd, immediate past president of the Asheville Chapter of Ikebana International and chair of the Ichiyo event at the Arboretum.

"The Ikebana exhibit at The Baker Exhibit Center provides the public with a chance to explore the beauty of this art form and see how a space is transformed by a flower’s expression," said The Arboretum’s Director of Education Julie Vidotto.
For more information, call 828-665-2492, Ext. 317.

The mission of The North Carolina Arboretum is to cultivate connections between people and plants. www.ncarboretum.org

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