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Organic Baby Wearhouse Adds New Green Baby Apparel Line

ASHEVILLE, NC – Parents are increasingly eco-conscious, especially when it comes to their children. A top priority for many is raising a green baby – exposing babies to safer, organic products and clothing as opposed to those containing harsh chemicals. Organic Baby Wearhouse is launching a new line of organic baby clothes and blankets to help meet this demand, as well as a new gift registry service.

“Our new baby clothing line has it all,” says Erick Recors, Partner and VP of Sales with Organic Baby Wearhouse. “We combine both organic fabrics and natural colors with very functional styles which can hold up to even the most playful and adventurous babies and toddlers. The pieces are even designed to be easy on the parents with features like easy-off zippers. On top of being an environmentally-friendly option, our new line is also economically-conscious, with all products grown and manufactured in America.”

The items carried in this new line are 100% organic. The company features both classic and modern styles, to fit the tastes of any new parent. The new line features blankets, baby yoga sets, body suits, dresses, hats, baby mits, jackets, jumpers, and more.

Eco-conscious parents-to-be can take advantage of another new addition to Organic Baby Wearhouse – the company is launching a gift registry service this May. In the past, while friends and family members of new parents may have known their preference towards organic baby products, they may not have known where to find those products through traditional retail outlets. The new gift registry will allow parents to hand-pick the types of safe and healthy baby products they want their child exposed to, while making those products more accessible for those shopping for baby shower gifts.

Organic Baby Wearhouse also offers organic baby mattresses and bedding, bottles and other feeding products, cotton diapers, and organic baby toys.

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