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Asheville City Council Looking for Board Members

ASHEVILLE, NC – WANTED: Citizens who are willing to become local leaders. That’s the goal of the City Boards and Commissions. Asheville City Council is looking for some citizens who want to get involved and make a difference by serving on a city board or commission. The boards listed below currently have vacancies and are looking for dedicated citizens to lead the community. The deadline for receiving applications for these opening is Thursday, May 7 at 5 p.m.

CIVIC CENTER COMMISSION – Some duties of the Commission include (1) reviewing and making recommendations on programming goals and objectives for each venue in the Civic Center; (2) establishing a method for handling of customer service complaints; (3) developing and making recommendations regarding long range plans for the Civic Center; (4) reviewing and making recommendations on proposals for changes in the fees and charges for use of Civic Center facilities; (5) encouraging promotion of sports, recreation, entertainment and cultural events and activities, and to facilitate the use of the services and facilities of the Civic Center; and (6) performing other such tasks and functions as the City Council may direct.

CIVIL SERVICE BOARD – The Board works with the Human Resources Department to resolve employee grievances on an as-needed basis, as well as meets periodically to discuss personnel administration issues.

PUBLIC ART BOARD – The Board was established to promote and maintain public art. The Board’s purpose and responsibilities include: (1) provide public art in public buildings and public spaces; promote Asheville as an “arts destination” city and use public art as a major attraction for cultural tourism and economic development; educate the citizens of Asheville and visitors about local culture and history through art; encourage the use of volunteers on public art projects to include maintenance of public art when appropriate; be responsible for raising public donations of money to match City of Asheville appropriations for public art; be responsible for approving the subject matter of public art after the City Council has made appropriations for public art at specific sites; be responsible for developing a procedure for the selection of art and/or artists which will include public input, as well as appropriate staff review; recommend accepting gifts of money and art to the City Council; be responsible for acknowledging the gift to the donor and making recommendations to City Council for appropriate recognition; and inventory public art semi-annually to ensure that the conditions and standards of public art are being met and report their condition to the Parks & Recreation Director, including recommendations for maintenance, repair or deaccessioning when appropriate.

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