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Author Maura Burd Publishes New Book Set in Asheville

ASHEVILLE, NC – Maura Burd brings her riveting characters to life in her new romantic suspense Wild Mountain Desire.

Character Shawna Lang returns to the enchanting mountains of Asheville. Away from Asheville for nearly 20 years, Shawna starts out on her trip with a deep longing for romance and adventure. Upon meeting the handsome Gerard Rutherford, Shawna is thrust into a whirlwind of excitement as an enthralling mystery begins to unfurl around her. Shawna must take caution for there are those around her whose dark secrets have the potential to cause her certain harm. And only when she comes face-to-face with the true nemesis will the dark secrets be revealed. Shawna may find the perilous adventure she’d wished for one that she may never escape.

Set in the majestic Blue Ridge Mountains of Asheville, North Carolina, Wild Mountain Desire will entice readers of both suspense and romance.

Wild Mountain Desire is a riveting book complete with captivating suspense, exciting adventure and delicious, passionate romance.

Maura Burd is an author of romantic suspense, paranormal romance and poetry.

Her books include: White Light Parallel – 8 Stories of Love, A Lover’s Whisper – Poetry, A Lover’s Rapture – Passionate Poetry, Deity of Darkness, its sequel Deity of Darkness – Risen and Wild Mountain Desire.

For more information, please visit Maura’s website www.mauraburd.com.

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