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Excellence in Public Service Awarded

ASHEVILLE, NC – The Greater Asheville Public Service Council recently recognized the most outstanding government public servants with Excellence in Public Service Awards.

These awards were presented to County, City, State and Federal employees who went above and beyond their normal job performance during 2010. These employees were nominated by their peers and superiors and the best of the best were chosen to be recognized on May 24. At the breakfast awards ceremony, Dr. Hank Dunn, President of Asheville-Buncombe Technical Community College, Carol Peterson, Buncombe County Commissioner, and David Pattillo, Associate Director Charles George VA Medical Center presented the awards in each category.

Thanks to the work of the employees listed below, hundreds of thousands of dollars were saved, work was done more efficiently, and Buncombe County is a safer, greener, healthier, smarter and kinder place to live.

Overall Outstanding Public Servant of 2011

Fay L. Smith, Library Technician with the United States Air Force’s 14th Weather Squadron was chosen as the overall Outstanding Public Servant of 2011.

Outstanding Executive Manager

  • Cathy Ball, Public Works Director City of Asheville
  • Ed Sheary, Library System Director, Buncombe County
  • Dr. Jack St. Clair, Business Manager, Black Mountain Neuro-Medical Treatment Center
  • John J. Bates, PhD, National Climatic Data Center

Outstanding Manager

Outstanding Supervisor

  • Trevis Allen, Assistant Fire Marshal, City of Asheville
  • Renee Gossett, Social Work Supervisor, Buncombe County
  • Nicole Lynch, Health Care Supervisor, Black Mountain. Neuro-Medical Treatment Center
  • Micheal Hunsucker, Chief Climate Operations, US Air Force 14th Weather Squadron

Outstanding Professional Employee

  • Seth Hendler-Voss, Landscape Architect, City of Asheville
  • Bryan Dillingham, Network Manager, Buncombe County
  • Kathy Wallace, Creative Arts Specialist, Black Mountain. Neuro-Medical Treatment Center
  • Helen McVade, Information Security, US Air Force 14th Weather Squadron

Outstanding Administrative Support Employee

  • Gina Zachary, Administrative Assistant City of Asheville
  • Joy Pelto, Paralegal, Buncombe County
  • Marcia Hipps, Administrative Assistant, District Attorney’s Office
  • Anne Markel, Administrative Assistant, National Climatic Data Center

Outstanding Trades, Crafts, and Service Maintenance Employee

  • Gordon Silvers, Apparatus Senior Specialist, City of Asheville
  • Carolyn Nash, Housekeeper, UNC Asheville

Outstanding Technician, Assistant or Aide

  • Megan Shepherd, Special Projects Coordinator, City of Asheville
  • Anthony Perrone, Graphic Designer, Buncombe County
  • Justin Page, Senior Designer, Asheville-Buncombe Technical Community College
  • Fay Smith, Library Technician, US Air Force 14th Weather Squadron

Outstanding Team

  • Asheville Public Safety Wireless Network Team
  • Buncombe County Detention Facility STORM Team
  • Outreach Dental Services – Black Mountain Neuro-Medical Treatment Center
  • NCDC Finance and Acquisition Branch

Hoyt Abney Outstanding Community Service Award

  • Lora Morgan, Administrative Assistant, City of Asheville
  • Vanessa Grant, Staffing Specialist, Charles George VA Medical Center
  • Adam Reagan, Applications Specialist, UNC Asheville

Outstanding Contribution to Improving Diversity

  • Kelley Webb, Public Information Officer, City of Asheville
  • Tina Carroll, Community Director, UNC Asheville

Outstanding Heroic Act Award

  • Lee Morrison, Motor Equipment Operator III, City of Asheville
  • Lisa Beasley, Income Maintenance Caseworker II, Buncombe County

Suzanne S. Turner Unsung Hero/Heroine Award

  • Mike Dixon, Laborer, City of Asheville
  • Dr. Cynthia Yancey, Medical Director, Buncombe County
  • Mark Clegg, Social Worker II, Black Mtn. Neuro-Medical Treatment Center
  • Douglas Williams, Human Resource Specialist, Charles George VA Medical Center

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