2012 - Food in Asheville NC

Food in Asheville NC

The area around Asheville NC is blessed with a bounty of natural beauty and Asheville NC residents know it. As a consequence, environmental activism is a major cause in the area, and has been for quite some time. So it’s no surprise then that this conscientiousness extends to the food in Asheville NC.

Food in Asheville NC Shows a Community Commitment to Quality and Health

Labels indicating non-GMOs, locally grown items, and organic produce can be found everywhere. From dining out to the produce available in stores, people take food in Asheville NC seriously. Organic and local farm stocks are always on hand through special groceries, food co-ops, and farmers markets. Asheville restaurants take special care to account for all lifestyles, and meat-free and gluten-free options abound so that no one is excluded from their menus.

Farmers Markets and Local Co-ops Make Food in Asheville NC Fresh and Delicious

One of the best aspects of food in Asheville NC is the city’s close proximity to farmers. Much of the city insists on having the most natural and organic ingredients possible as well as maintaining fair trade relations with those who grow those ingredients. In supporting local farming, food in Asheville NC is fresher, making for tastier meals and happier people.

Several farmers markets are open around town throughout the year. The largest farmers market even has its own dedicated complex and exit off the interstate, with a restaurant within walking distance that uses ingredients purchased straight from the farmers next door.

Downtown Asheville is home to a food co-op that combines local farm fresh produce, natural, organic and fair trade items, and assorted alternative dieting aids in a supermarket setting. The food co-op also incorporates a small café aspect and brews up coffee, stocks a salad bar, stews a hot meal item every day (all made with in house ingredients), and maintains seating areas both indoors and on an outside patio.

Dining and Food in Asheville NC Are All-Inclusive, Even for Vegetarians and Vegans

Of course, all this focus on food in Asheville NC does not exclude what restaurants serve in terms of omnivore, vegetarian, and vegan options. Asheville NC restaurant menus typically indicate whether an item is vegetarian, vegan-friendly, or gluten-free; many even list substitutions to dishes that may not typically accommodate those diets. Several locations even specialize in all-vegetarian/vegan dining. But don’t worry if that’s just not your thing—many offer omnivorous substitutions to dishes, turning the tables on convention. Healthy eating also comes in the form of assorted cafés and restaurants offering a huge array of teas, coffees, and juices from around the world.

Specialty dining can be found downtown with an all vegan restaurant and bar, as well as in North Asheville with a vegan/vegetarian drive thru hut.

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