2012 - Movie Theaters in Asheville NC

Movie Theaters in Asheville NC

Like Everytown, USA, Asheville offers several movie theaters and cinemas with a steady supply of the latest blockbusters. Traditional movie theaters in Asheville NC include the United Artist Beaucatcher Cinemas 7 (across from Asheville Mall on Haw Creek Lane) and Carmike 10 (near Target off Wood Avenue), both mainstays that offer ample screen sizes and wide varieties of the latest Hollywood releases. The Regal Biltmore Grande Stadium 15 (in Biltmore Park) is even bigger and touts stadium seating, separate party and game rooms, and is THX Certified. Walk in to any lobby or order tickets online for the most convenient showing between the three, avoid the line, or reserve a seat for an upcoming midnight premier.

There’s Movie Theaters, and then there’s Movie Theaters in Asheville NC

But it wouldn’t be Asheville if movie theaters in Asheville NC were all just the normal affair. Movie theaters in Asheville NC are home to everything from world cinema to wholly unique dining experiences beyond popcorn and soda.

A split level two-screener, The Fine Arts Theatre (downtown) is an independently owned art house specializing exclusively in foreign and indie films. The Carolina Asheville (on Hendersonville Road), Cinebarre (inside Biltmore Square Mall), and Asheville Pizza & Brewing Company (three locations, but only Merrimon Avenue in North Asheville has a dine-in theater; Coxe Avenue downtown and Hendersonville Road in South Asheville) combine creature comforts and cinema-going with full menus featuring things like humus, potato skins, chicken tenders, pizza—even beer and wine.

Dining at Movie Theaters in Asheville NC

But while all three dine-in movie theaters in Asheville NC can serve up a full course alongside every showing, each sets itself apart from the others in distinct ways.

The Carolina is one of the newest movie theaters in Asheville NC and hosts an eclectic mix of new releases, smaller limited releases, and special re-screenings of classics (historic and cult alike) on its standard screens, but apart from those is the Cinema Lounge, an experience that bears a closer resemblance to one’s living room than a theater. Loungers are treated to plush sofas with cup holders in the armrests, free entry, a super-casual atmosphere, and can come and go as they please to order something off the menu or at the bar during a movie screening in the Cinema Lounge itself.

Movies at The Cinebarre are more of a restaurant affair where visitors are encouraged to arrive 20-30 minutes prior to the movie to place their orders. Servers wait on moviegoers before and during the movie. Movies shown are typically in their second run, making The Cinebarre a highly cost-effective alternative to the usual dinner and a movie. Minors are restricted from all events unless accompanied by a parent/guardian and no children under age three are allowed period (except on announced occasions).

Asheville Pizza & Brewing Company is a casual theater that shows a lot of second run movies too but also regularly screens classics from a specific theme like “kung-fu” or “chick flick.” Its in-house brewery supplies original craft beer to the bar, complementing their salads, entrees, and award-winning pizza.

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