2012 - Movie Theatres in Asheville NC

Movie Theatres in Asheville NC

Movie theatres in Asheville NC cover the whole spectrum from the tiny art house to giant auditoriums with stadium seating and surround sound while introducing some new colors along the way. Asheville NC movie theaters accommodate all kinds of moviegoers: film aficionados, date nights, groups of friends, and the whole family—everyone will find a destination to enjoy among movie theatres in Asheville NC.

The Perfect Date Night – Fine Cinema at Movie Theatres in Asheville

The premier destination for foreign and art movie theatres in Asheville is The Fine Arts Theatre, which proclaims itself as “Asheville’s Home for Art & Independent Film!” Located downtown on Biltmore Avenue, this small, independently-owned theatre’s two screens are split on separate levels and deliver an intimate experience, authentic movie experience from box office to curtain fall.

Carolina Cinemas (The Carolina Asheville) on Hendersonville Road in South Asheville also tenders smaller-time films alongside their mainstream offerings and classic re-screenings. The Carolina is one of the most relaxed movie theatres in Asheville NC, serving food, beer and wine before, during, and after showings. A unique feature of The Carolina is its Cinema Lounge, which is a screening room separate from its normal theatres. Lined with sofas, no admission, and no cover charge, moviegoers are invited to come and go as they please to order at the bar while the movie plays. Think “living room away from home.”

Cinebarre in Biltmore Square Mall combines an pub-style dining experience with a feature film’s second run. The Cinebarre is also one of only a few movie theatres in Asheville that brings older films back to the big screen. Moviegoers are encouraged to arrive 20-30 minutes prior to their movie’s start time to place their order, and servers wait on you before and throughout the movie.

Family Night Out at Movie Theatres in Asheville NC

While Asheville NC movie theaters contribute to Asheville’s renowned nightlife, they also cater to families and kids. Asheville Pizza & Brewing Company on Merrimon Avenue in North Asheville (their two other locations—Hendersonville Road in South Asheville and Coxe Avenue downtown—do not have a movie theatre) serves a wide-ranging menu with salads, nachos, pasta, and award-winning pizza. Kids can play on their own in the game room while waiting for the upcoming family feature any afternoon (school-day or weekend) while mom and dad enjoy some Asheville-quality casual dining complete with craft beer brewed in-house.

How to Find the Latest Hollywood Blockbusters at Movie Theatres in Asheville NC

Of course, there’s no shortage of conventional popcorn buster movie theatres in Asheville NC showing the latest Hollywood offerings. United Artist Beaucatcher Cinemas 7 on Haw Creek Lane (right across from Asheville Mall) and Carmike 10 on River Hills Road (near Target) both offer the most recent feature films, regularly premiering the biggest blockbusters with midnight showings. Both also participate in online ticketing for added convenience.

The Regal Biltmore Grande Stadium 15 is the largest of the movie theatres in Asheville NC. Located in Biltmore Square Mall, the Regal Biltmore boasts stadium seating, game and party rooms, listening devices, online ticketing, and is THX certified for the ultimate movie experience.

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