Zip Code: 28801
Release Date: September 25, 2006

Beating Boredom in Asheville

(PRLEAP.COM) Do you ever find yourself flipping mindlessly through the channels? Do you wish you had something better to do than watch people get voted off some lame reality show? Next time you’re bored, check out Not only is it a guide to Asheville’s businesses but it’s also your number one source for "Sky City" fun.

The Movie Section has a constantly updated list of movie showings for theaters throughout the area. The site also has a section where you can rate films and submit your own reviews. Do a good deed and warn your fellow "Ashevillians" before they waste eight bucks on a bad movie.

If you’re more into live theater have a look at the Events section, where you’ll find plays, and even stand-up comedy. They also have concert listings that give you the inside track to Asheville’s thriving music scene. At, everything from blues to bluegrass is right at your fingertips.

Itching for some nightlife? Don’t worry, has you covered. Why not try taking a date out for dinner and a movie all at one place. Click on their Asheville Pizza and Brewing banner to find out what’s on tap and on the big screen. If you prefer finer dining, check out the Dining section.

You’ll find so much to do at that you might not ever watch your television again. For that matter, why not try selling it in their Classifieds section?


Joseph Taylor